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Mountain Palace takeout

Fly fishing testimonials...
A day on the Missouri River with Dave Bloom!

Jim Burrington testimonial

Guaranteed, if you can’t catch fish fly fishing with David, you’re not going to catch ‘em.

Dave Bloom is the best of the best. I thought I knew something about fly fishing until I met David. He’s an expert instructor, guide, and just plain fun to be around. Guaranteed, if you can’t catch fish fly fishing with David, you’re not going to catch ‘em. I’ve seen him take clients that have never fly fished in their life and has them catching fish on a dry fly in thirty minutes. Here’s how good David is – his fellow guides ask him, “how’s fishing”, not the other way around. Want to catch 2lb rainbows on a fly rod ‘til your arm is tired? Want to learn how to spey cast and catch steelhead? Dave can do it all, and better yet you can do it with him, I know I’ve done it, a hundred times!

Jim Burrington
March 29, 2008

Lee Lowery
I have known Dave for some time now, and wanted to take some time and reduce to writing some of my thoughts regarding Dave. Without question he is a professional of the highest order, and draws on a vast reservoir of knowledge that could only be acquired by a lifetime of close attention to aquatic life and fish feeding habits on the Missouri River. Dave Bloom is a man of impeccable character and in my judgment stands alone in the world of professional fishing guides. His work ethic is like no other, I’ve recently returned from an October trip with Dave, where we were 8:00 P.M. dragging his boat out at Prewett access. While I am relatively sure, most guides were belly up to a bar at that hour on that October night, Dave and I were fishing, and fishing hard. I’ve seen him many times row up river to take his client back through a productive run, 2, 3, or 4 times. Over the years I’ve fished with Dave I continue to be inspired by his knowledge and willingness to share it. To be absolutely sure, one can do no better than Dave Bloom, and it all starts with the fact that he’s a dammed good man that knows a ton about catching fish with a fly rod. If you’re considering a trip to the MO, there’s nothing better you could do, to stack the odds in your favor, than to hook up with my friend Dave Bloom.

Submitted With Deepest Regard,
Lee Lowery
Parkton, MD
Oct 7th, 2009

Carol Kaune with a Missouri River brown trout

My husband and I went out with Dave this June and had two great days on the river. My husband has been fly fishing for several decades, while I am a true rookie, Dave was able to meet both of our needs and created a great trip with many fish!

Carol Kaune
Lakewood, CO
June 9th, 2009

Lee Lowery
I have fished and tied with Dave Bloom both in Chile, Montana and Dayton, OH where Dave spoke to our FFF Club - the Miami Valley Fly Fishers. Dave is a true professional and has exquisite knowledge of every detail of this sport. He is a "guide's guide" and teaches effectively to any level of fly fisherman - from the novice to the expert. He has a kind disposition to both his fellow sportsman and the environment he works in. A day spent fly fishing with Dave is a day you'll always remember.

Tom Perry
Dayton, OH

My friend Bud and I met Dave Bloom in southern Chile and he guided us for 6 straight days. We had the trip of a lifetime! Dave invited us to fish the Missouri River in Montana that has been home to him his entire life. We have since fished the "Missouri" twice a year and the experience has been an incredible one. Dave possesses unparalleled knowledge and skill as a fly-fishing guide. His ability to make each float a memorable experience is his passion. On the "MO" nobody commands more respect as a guide, fly-tier and host as David Bloom.

Bud Farquhar fly fishing on the Missouri River in Montana Lanny Mitchell
Yorba Linda,California

Bud Farquhar
Hemet, California


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