What to bring

Things to make your trip even better.

  • Waders: We recommend chest high or waist high breathable waders
  • Wading Shoes: Felt soled wading shoes are the best choice for the Missouri. Cleats are not necessary and any perceived advantage is outweighed by their treacherous propensity to slip out from underneath you in a fiberglass bottomed boat.
  • Rods: We suggest that you bring rods in the 4-7 weight range. For dry fly fishing we recommend that you use the rod that you cast most accurately in all weather conditions. If you cast your 4 weight and your 6 weight equally well, we would suggest that you use the 6 weight for your dry fly angling because you will be better able to control the large and spirited trout that you will encounter. For streamer fishing we suggest either a powerful 6 weight or 7 weight.
  • Fly Reels: We suggest that you match your rods with single action reels that have smooth dependable drags and enough capacity for at least 50 yards of backing.
  • Fly Lines: At least 90% of your fishing will be done with a floating line. Again, especially for dry fly fishing, choose the combination that you handle the best in all weather conditions. For example, Dave’s favorite dry fly combo is an 8.5 foot 5 weight and a double taper floater. His favorite streamer rig is a stiff 7 weight with a bass bug taper. We also use intermediate lines, sink tips and shooting heads for some applications.
  • Rain Gear: At a minimum bring a high quality breathable rain jacket. Rain pants are nice for those days when you are wading wet and a thunder storm blows in.
  • Sun Glasses: Polarized Sun Glasses are a must. Amber lenses are nice for dark days and darker lenses will serve you better on bright days.
  • Hat: Your hat should shade your eyes to help you see your fly and protect you from the sun at the same time. Stocking Caps are nice for early spring and late fall.
  • Sun Screen: A waterproof sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is a must.
  • Clothing: Bring plenty of fleece layering clothing. It is easy to stuff a small waterproof bag with plenty of layers to cover any eventuality. Sun Shirts will provide you with extra protection from bright sunlight and keep up cooler on hot days. Please pack for the varied Montana weather. Go to mt.gov for more information on our weather.
  • Medications: If you are taking prescription medications or taking OTC medicines, please bring them with you.
  • Nice to have items: Cameras, binoculars and a fly box filled with any secret killers that you might have.