The Mighty Mo

Fly Fishing the Missouri River in Montana.

The Missouri River, “The Mighty Mo” is a big western tailwater that looks, feels and fishes like a giant spring creek. It flows and meanders through some of the most beautiful scenery in the west. You can cast a fly on the original “ interstate,” where Lewis and Clark first entered the Rocky Mountains. You might have trouble concentrating on your fly, as you float through a magnificent canyon where time and weather have left their mark. The next day, you may find yourself floating through the opening expanses of the Great American Plains, fishing water that has been described as some of the best dry fly water on the planet, as you and the river journey eastward. No matter what venue we float, the fishing, scenery and experiences will be memorable.

The 42 miles of river we will cover is widely known as the “best run of water” on the Missouri. While no one can “guarantee” fish, we will do our best to afford you the opportunity to catch and release wild Rainbow and Brown Trout. Having grown up and literally been raised on this water, we are most prepared and willing to provide you the fishing experience of a lifetime. The Missouri River is a great fishery and, it is our home water.

Quick facts:
  • 42 Miles of Blue Ribbon Tailwater; Holter Dam to Cascade, Montana
  • 4000 trout per mile
  • Average 17” – but grows much larger

All presentations are effective; you can catch fish on many different presentations. Nymphs, wets, streamers or dry flies, we will use all presentations in conjunction with your abilities and the conditions of the day. When you have only one cast to hook that uncatchable “Fish of a Lifetime” there is nothing more gratifying than that; we will do our best to get you in that position and that fish on your line.